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The 7 best (and priciest) golf balls available in 2017

Blind testing of golf balls almost always results in the higher priced balls ranking the highest on any set of criteria.   It is absolutely no mystery that a ball engineered and manufactured with more technology scores the highest on tests and maximizes performance on tee and wedge shots.  Given this tried and true analysis when it comes to selecting a golf ball, price matters!
Is your golf game good enough to start using better golf balls?  If so, this is the buzz on some of the best (and priciest) golf balls for 2017.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred X
Let’s start with the top of the line TaylorMade Tour Preferred X that was designed for the experienced golfer.  We’re talking single digit handicap experience!  The ball’s  5-layer design with durable urethane exterior offers a controlled and steady flight and drop.  They insist the layers are what make the difference on the greenside shots and a thinner mantel controls driver spin.  If you are dollar conscious, you’ll want to choose wisely because these balls will set you back a cool $50.
Titleist Pro V1’s
It’s no surprise the Titleist Pro V1’s are considered the number one choice by quite a few of the game’s leading Pros.  Titleist, known for their precise engineering, has included new core and aerodynamic designs for 2017.  They’ll cost you double that of some of the other high end options but their reputation is a drop and stop optimum performance, planting the ball exactly where you want it.  Enough said.
Callaway Chrome Softs
This year, Callaway continued development of their proprietary “Dual Soft Core” design in their Chrome Softs to maximize distance while allowing for more spin on irons.  Last year it was a 3-piece design and for 2017 it is a 4-piece with a firm outer core and a soft inner.
Bridgestone E6s and E7s
Bridgestone E6s and E7s make the cut for high end balls and are promoted on their ability to deliver accuracy and durability;  E6 is touted for its dimples helping to flatten the trajectory, with the E7’s 3-piece cover design adding to its accuracy.  You can relax a little about the water hazards because both of these balls are a little easier on the wallet.
Bridgestone B330 series
The Bridgestone B330 series offers an option of four different balls with two options for faster swingers;  B330/S designed for the fastest swingers and the RX/RXS for fast to average swingers.  The S and RXS allow for the most spin while all four balls tout a coating for added friction that make for short shots spinning more and tee shots spinning less.
Pinnacle Rush
The Pinnacle Rush ball has 332+ dimples for a free-flying, aerodynamic ball that reduces drag and enhances lift making for a long drive.  This ball has a soft and responsive ionomer cover and while it may not be as durable as the previously mentioned balls, the lower price is a great compromise for performance.
Nike Golf GL0655-701 RZN “Black Volt”
We know new materials and new technology count when reviewing and ranking golf balls but what about color?  Golfers love color options!  Pair performance with a bright yellow and a black swoosh and you have the high end Nike Golf GL0655-701 RZN “Black Volt”.   No one will mistake their ball for yours.
Any ball that can shave a few strokes off your handicap?  Priceless.
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