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6 home features that are sure to impress prospective Scottsdale buyers

Buyers always have a checklist of what they want to see in a home. During showings, however, it’s a major plus if your home has some sort of unexpected “luxury” feature that they weren’t necessarily counting on.
Here’s a list of 6 home features that are sure to impress prospective Scottsdale area buyers:
1) Smart Home Systems: We live in a smart age. More and more, people are relying on technology to make their lives easier. So, when buyers see things in a home like a touch screen thermostat, a remote-control light or an app-controlled security system, buyers are sure to perceive your “smart” house much more favorably than a low-tech home.

Smart home system capabilities

Smart home system capabilities

2) Outdoor Living Space: Buyers want to make sure that their next home investment is going to yield as much comfort and functionality as possible. One great way to increase the living space of your property is to make sure there’s usable space in the backyard or courtyard. Features like gardens, fruit trees, fountains, pools and outdoor seating areas can really help your home stand out.
Outdoor Space in Scottsdale

Outdoor Space in Scottsdale

3) Customized or Unique Features: Sure, standard box homes are functional, but buyers aren’t exactly wowed by functional. They’re looking for that little extra attention to detail. Here are a few ideas:

    • add and paint crown moldings and baseboards
    • add interior and exterior shutters
    • change out standard lighting features for chandeliers and pendant lights
    • opt for nice door, bathroom and window hardware


Customized and unique AZ kitchen

Customized and unique AZ kitchen

4) Green Energy: Green is chic, and more and more homes are installing green appliances. One major green feature you can add to your home is a solar panel. Arizona is a very sunny state – we have over 314 sunny days each year. Prices vary in different areas, but solar panels are certainly something to look into if you want your home to make a clean first impression.
Solar Panels on Arizona roof

Solar Panels on Arizona roof

5) Built-ins: Built-ins come in all shapes and sizes – from desks to bookcases to closets, built-ins give off a polished, space-savvy look. If you don’t like the price tag that generally accompanies a custom built-in, look up project ideas on Pinterest. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish.
Built-in bookshelves in AZ home

Built-in bookshelves in AZ home

6) Set Spaces: Areas that have clearly been set apart for a specific purpose are wonderful little luxuries. Buyers love to see how a home can be used – it “ups” your home’s potential to fit a variety of lifestyle needs. Set up a dedicated office space, wine area, painting studio or “man-cave”. Buyers will love it.
Set space for wine in Arizona home

Set space for wine tasting in Arizona home

For more home improvement ideas, check out our other blog posts on ScottsdaleRealEstate and DCRanchHomes. Want to speak to one of our real estate experts? Feel free to contact us:
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