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5 tips for hiring a licensed contractor or handyman for household repairs | Arizona

Every homeowner knows that with homeownership comes an going commitment to home maintenance. I personally keep a list in a kitchen drawer that I add to every time I discover something that needs repair in my home (if it’s not urgent.)  Then, when the list gets long enough, I hire a licensed contractor or licensed handyman to tackle all of the repairs at once.  It’s more efficient for the contractor, and more efficient for me, and generally costs less than having someone come out multiple times during the year.

5 tips for hiring a licensed contractor or handyman to do repairs in your home.

5 tips for hiring a licensed contractor or handyman to do repairs in your home.

If you need repairs done to your home, your best bet is to hire a licensed contractor or handyman who possesses insurance. Since licensed contractors in Arizona are required to meet a minimum level of construction standards, you would have recourse if the job isn’t finished or if done in a substandard manner.
It’s also a good idea to hire a bonded licensee, in case they should have an accident while working on your property.
Here are 5 tips for hiring a qualified contractor or licensed handyman:

  • Review the contractor’s or handyman’s license record through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Get 3 written estimates from different contractors before proceeding
  • Request references and check them
  • Never pay in cash and make payment to the licensed contractor (i.e. company name), not an individual
  • If the contractor requires a large upfront payment, be sure to ask questions.

Not all household repair jobs require a licensed contractor or licensed handyman: there are many exceptions where a person is not required to be licensed in Arizona.  The most notable example includes a unlicensed individual who is performing repairs for which the total cost of labor and materials is under $1,000. If the repair includes working with an electrical fixture or appliance built by a manufacturer, that does not need to be included in the $1000 limit, but the appliance or fixture must be unaltered, must plug into a 2- or 3-pronged common household outlet, and not require any other form of energy, such as natural gas or propane.
Read more about general licensing requirements in Arizona.
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