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3 tips to prepare the interior and exterior of your home for showings | Scottsdale

Here are 3 tips to preparing both the interior of your home for showings when selling your home.  Following these tips will result in better showings and increase your chances of a successful sale.
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Tidy the exterior

Tidy the exterior

1. Tidy the exterior – Take an objective look at the outside of your home, front and back, and assess how things look.  First impressions can set the tone for the rest of the showing.  Apart from making sure that your landscaping looks tidy and trimmed, here are some quick things to do to make sure the outside of your home is show-ready.

  • sweep debris, dirt and dead leaves from your front walkway, courtyard, porch, entryway
  • wipe away cob webs in your front entryway
  • hose off any bird droppings
  • wipe the dust off of your front door
  • sweep your back patio and/or consider hosing it down
  • clean dust off of any outdoor tables and chairs
  • skim your pool
  • clean up any pet feces

2. Try a few quick staging tricks.  When buyers walk into your home, what is the first thing they are going to see – and smell?  Some quick and simple things you can do to stage your home include:

  • eliminate any odors
  • turn on lights and lamps and open all window coverings to make the home light and bright
  • turn on tasteful music
  • turn on pool water features or fountains
  • put pets away so they are not a distraction
  • make sure the temperature is comfortable
    Stage home for showing

    Stage home for showing

3. Focus on details when it comes to cleanliness.  Most sellers understand that a tidy home results in a better showing.  “Tidying your home” doesn’t just mean putting the kids’ toys away and making sure there are no dishes in the sink.  It’s the small details that are less obvious to a homeowner’s eye that can quickly turn off a home buyer during a showing.  Focus on:

  • soap scum in the bath or shower
  • water spots on windows and mirrors
  • pet dandruff on fabrics or carpets
  • fingerprints on light switches and doors
  • dirty baseboards
  • dirty litter boxes

Following these 3 tips will result in better showings and improve your chances of a successful sale.
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