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3 things Scottsdale homeowners can do to reduce salt in our water

The City of Scottsdale began a 2-year pilot program for homeowners in July to reduce salt in waste water.  There are 3 things you can do to help reduce salt in our water table and get a rebate on your water bill.

Popular Mechanics shows how a water softener works

How a water softener works.  (photo credit: Popular Mechanics)

1.)  Replace your existing self-regnerating water softener with a demand-based water softener, and receive a one-time $50 rebate.

2.)  Remove your water softener and subscribe to a portable exchange service, and receive a $100 rebate.

3.)  Completely remove your water softener for the two-year pilot period, and receive a $250 rebate

Learn more and apply for the Water Softener Rebate program. 
Salt (sodium chloride or potassium chloride) is used to soften water and many Scottsdale homes have water softeners. The City of Scottsdale has undertaken this pilot project to reduce salt in the reclaimed water.
Reclaimed water is used in Scottsdale for irrigation and restoration of the water table. That additional salt has impacts on our natural desert environment and the City of Scottsdale is hoping to do its part to reduce the effects of salt.
The city’s water department estimates that Scottsdale residents’ water softeners are responsible for greater than 30% of the salt in our reclaimed water.
The Matheson Team is proud to be part of a city that takes proactive measures to protect the environment and conserve water.
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